We are big on web app development, and as a matter of fact, that makes up 80% of what we do. So whether you want a blog, or an e-store to sell your products, we can help with that. The websites we build are fully responsive. This means that they scale to whatever device is being used to access them so that consumer experience is not jeopardised. Statistically, today 90% of all web browsing is done using mobile devices and tablets, and so it is necessary for your web applications to be responsive.

If you need an e-commerce site for buying and selling of your products, we have you covered. We also offer b2b services through custom building of digital web solutions. Use cases and industries that can benefit from our services include medical facilities, real estate property management agencies, employee management, case management for large as well as medium sized enterprises, etc.

Once your application is up and running, we can offer affordable maintenance and upgrades to ensure its continuity and stability. That gives you one less thing to worry about, and the time to focus on what you do best; grow your business.

Expect a Content Management System (CMS)

With our web design/development service, we do not just give you a website and let you come back to us whenever you need to make changes, as is usually the case with most web designers. As a website owner, you are going to want to make changes sooner or later. Any website owner will tell you that you can never be done making changes to your website. You will want to move with the times, display new deals and announce the arrival of new products or services you have started offering, change the look and feel of certain aspects of the site, and the list can go on. This means that you are guaranteed to want to change your website content fat some point, whether it is to remove some text about a deal you were offering to your customers which is no longer applicable, or just ad more information.

As a standard, we give you a website with a Content Management System (CMS) built-in. This can be accessed when you login as the admin user of the site. You would then be taken to an admin dashboard that gives you an overview of everything going on in the back end of your site, with links to manage various stuff. The following is a dummy example of the kind of views and control you will get:

  • Access to admin dashboard
  • Manage gallery images (if your site has a photo gallery). This means viewing images in a folder (album), deleting images in a folder, uploading images to a folder, uploading images to a folder, creating new image folders, deleting image folders etc
  • Manage videos if your site has the videos feature
  • Manage audios if your site has the audios feature
  • Create blog articles if your site includes a blog
  • Authorize comments to your blog from members of the public
  • View all messages posted through your site contact form which are saved for your perusal. It is up to you to delete them or respond to them
  • If your site comes with a newsletter manager, you will be able to create newsletters, edit them, fire them off to your registered subscribers
  • As the admin user, you are able to manage users of your web application. You will be able to create new users that you grant access to the same admin dashboard that you are logged in to. You can create and delete an unlimited amount of admin users, however, these users you create cannot create or delete any other user.
  • If your website package comes with an e-commerce store with an e-cart, you will be able as the admin user to view all your transactions. Transactions are payments that have been made through your site. You can close a transaction once you have confirmed that a customer has indeed made the payment.

We also offer Search Engine optimisation (SEO) services to help your website reach your market far and near. For your business to survive in this ever increasingly crowded digital world, it is critical for it to be found online. It takes time, persistence and the right steps to build an online presence that is respected by search engines, and with our experience and mastery of what it takes to accomplish that, we are your best bet in staying ahead of competition.

We can help you integrate payment services into your application. Paypal for example, is popular and already trusted by millions of customers worldwide. This means they would most likely already have accounts on there with Paypal, making it really easy for them to make purchased online. Another popular payment gateway rising in popularity amongst consumers is Stripe, but of course, there are tons more, and it is up to you which one you want to go with. We can help build that into yor system how ever you want it. Whether it is to allow visitors make a one-click purchase of an item or a full shopping cart implementation, we can make that happen.

The following images show a dummy representation of a very simple flow of payment using paypal's 'Cart Upload' API which supports the use of 3rd party shopping cart payments.

We offer web hosting with a 25% percent discount for clients who have their applications built by us. Hosting is billed yearly, and you will be notified way before the renewal date. This is one more way in which we can support you so you do not have to worry about the details of hosting expiry dates, or worry about loosing business if your website gets taken down for failure to renew on your hosting plan.

Talk to us about your hosting needs today.

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